In order to be able to perform these kinds of events & to be able to pay for our various services, it is important for us to receive help, no matter how small, in exchange for goods (virtual or not) that we offer.
It is not compulsory to buy anything to participate in any of our events: entry is free for everyone, and it will be forever. This shop is only here to allow you to own a little extra, whether on Discord or TeamSpeak, but also at home.

Please be aware that everything in the shop is only produced when you buy it! Therefore, some orders may take longer or shorter to arrive at your door! (Be aware that all products purchased from this shop are subject to a very strict quality check before they reach you.)

The system tells you that we are unable to deliver to your country? This is not true! Contact us via Discord so we can add your destination manually ;)

23.99 Eur
T-Shirt Mic!ON
1st Drop
Official Mic!ON's T-shirt, 100% coton. So freacking comfortable, feels like you're on a cloud.
4.99 Eur
Stickers Mic!ON
For the car, the back of your phone or your computer...
(set of 4)
32.99 Eur
You take care of destroying some noobs on your favorite game, we make sure you'll never be cold again.
7.99 Eur
COVID? I don't know what it is, sry.
Washable & reusable
(set of 2 masks)
Not available yet!
Your wet little butt will have to wait.
49.99 Eur
Supporter Badge
Support Mic!ON and receive an exclusive & personalized nametag as well as all the exclusives benefits!

The badges shown above are the badges obtainable only via the shop, visible below each offer. Activation keys for those badges (Teamspeak & Discord) are sent via the email entered in the order a few days after the purchase has been validated.
When requesting a transfer of badge(s) between two accounts, we will require your order number as well as the email on which the badges were first sent. Failure to provide those informations will lead to a refusal of your request to transfer badges for security reasons.